Where to Start When Creating Your Marketing Strategy for 2016

In our digital world, it’s easy to get mixed advice about the best marketing tactics for your business. And while it’s great to use general advice from industry experts, it’s possible that the advice you’re getting actually isn’t the best. Why?

Because unless you’re getting tailored advice from a marketing professional who has looked at your analytics data or has in-depth knowledge of what works in your specific industry, they can’t actually give you any advice on your business.

Are You Taking Everyone’s Marketing Advice?

Let’s say you read on a well-known marketing blog that social media is where it’s at, and you decide to create campaigns for Facebook and Twitter because you’re familiar with both platforms.

Now let’s also say that a colleague in a related industry suggested that you use an inbound marketing strategy to gain brand awareness and build a relationship with potential customers. They suggest testing the waters with five pieces of content per month from a freelance writer of your choosing because the cost is low and you don’t have to make a commitment.


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